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Why Hire A Social Media Manager?

Are you struggling to keep up with the amount of time and dedication that creating a successful social media profile requires? Running out of content ideas, posting willy nilly and getting minimal engagement? Wondering why no one wants to follow your page? Well look no further...


With our unique service offering you get access to your very own dedicated social media manager who will communicate and manage your account for you on a monthly basis, generating you results whilst you focus on the areas of your business that you enjoy. What's better is that we created this solution to be cost effective too!


Check out whats included and be sure to book a call with us if you have any questions.

Package Inclusions (Monthly)

Your 2 x platform choices: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
+ Instagram Reels OR Tik Tok


  •  1 x Social Media Plan with all content for review

  • Strategic engagement & growth techniques monthly

  • Engaging and aesthetic Instagram feed design and unique social media branding/look & feel based on your current branding and creative vision.

  • 12 x Feed Posts repurposed on your two social platforms of choice

  • 4 x Videos on your choice of either Instagram Reels or Tik Tok

  • Instagram Stories (Interactive)

  • All post caption writing

  • All graphic design

  • All post scheduling through Buffer

  • 1 x round of small changes to the plan included

  • Researched hashtags

  • Weekly engagement on account with the target audience. Competitor page targeting, hashtags and keywords. Commenting, liking, engaging with the right people. Follow / Unfollow Method to build followers.

  • 1 x End of month report to present results/feedback via email.


Price is a one-time purchase, per month of management. 

1x Purchase = 1x Month of services

What Our Customers Have To Say


So Whats The Process?

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I'm Chelsea - Your New Social Media Manager...

I have 5 years of experience working with top-tier eCommerce stores. I specialise in building communities of genuine, engaged fans of brands and their product as well as creating highly engaging content in IG Reels and Tik Tok.


Hire me by clicking the button below!

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